Chocolate Truffles

Our range of exquisite chocolates and finest truffles are all produced at our Hertfordshire factory using only the very finest Swiss chocolate. There is something for everyone from the traditional fine champagne truffles to contemporary flavours of salted caramel and our exclusive lemon cheesecake.

We are chocolate manufacturers with over a century of passion and experience but at the core of everything we do are our Master Truffletiers. A true chocolatier can make truffles but it is the knowledge, the fine honing of skills, the dedication, the experimentation and the tasting over years of experience that achieves the accolade of a true Master Truffletier. Gorgeous soft centres encased in a firm, crisp shell of the finest chocolate and balanced with flavours from around the world. These truly are the finest truffles to savour and enjoy.

Master Truffletiers

Since 1911, we have been making beautiful chocolates and truffles for discerning brands around the world but this collection is ours. Our little secret. The flavours we love, hand selected by our Master Truffletiers to give the ultimate chocolate experience.

So why our our truffles just so good? Shh. It’s a secret but we’ll tell just you a little bit. We are well known in the chocolate industry for our super truffles. Whilst most truffles are made with commercial vegetable fats we insist on using only pure fresh cream from local British dairy farms. We blend the delicious rich fresh cream with carefully selected exquisite Swiss chocolate couvertures which are high in their cocoa content but, most importantly, low in sugar. The delicate combination of the bitter chocolate and the luscious rich cream deliver that ultimate chocolate experience.


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